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Considered one of Australia’s leading experts in breast augmentations, Dr Daniel Fleming has been at the forefront of Australia’s cosmetic surgery industry for over 20 years. Among the most experienced breast implant surgeons in the country, he has lead a number of significant changes to the way breast augmentation surgeries are performed.

Dr Fleming is Australia’s most experienced surgeon in the use of the P-URE foam implants, which are proven to reduce complications and so are most likely to last the longest. He is an acknowledged world expert in the use of P-URE foam implants and has taught plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Australia the specialised techniques need to use them successfully.

Also, Dr Fleming introduced the rapid recovery technique for breast augmentation in Australia. This has allowed for the majority of his patients to return to most normal activities within 24-48 hours of their surgery with 50% able to drive the next day and 50% only needing Panadol. See actual examples of patients using the rapid recovery technique here.

Because he believes women should be fully informed of all of their choices when it comes to breast augmentation, he has produced a must-see video which does exactly that. Whether you are going to see Dr Fleming or not, make sure you watch the video as it will prepare you for your consultation and enable you to avoid mistakes and make the right choices giving you the best chance of achieving not only the result you desire, but also a safe and long-lasting one.

Independent research, conducted by Griffith University and Roy Morgan, has found that over 90% of Dr. Fleming’s patients reported that their expectations were met or exceeded, and 99% of patients would recommend him to a friend or relative. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, why not seek knowledge and expertise from one of the best Australia has to offer. Contact Dr Daniel Fleming and secure your free consultation today.

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