Benefits of Breast Implant Surgery with Dr David Topchian

A surgeon who has successfully performed over 1500 of these operations.

  • Safe, natural-looking and feeling implants
  • High quality German-made Polytech implants
  • Rapid recovery technique: Out of the house and driving the next day
  • All-inclusive premium surgical and recovery package

Dr David Topchian is a contributor to the Australian Breast Registry (ABDR) which is a commonwealth Government health initiative that records information on surgeries involving breast devices, such as breast implants. For information on the ABDR click on this link.

Dr David Topchian is a surgeon who performs breast implant surgery from two locations in Melbourne: St Kilda and Templestowe, and a Brisbane Clinic. We understand that price is a big factor for many women looking for breast implants, so we offer packages and finance options to make it more accessible.


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