Patient 6

Lifting and rejuvenation with implants alone – 380cc, round, high profile P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants. Fleming dual plane technique.

Empty, sagging breasts are often depressing for women who, prior to having children, were used to being much fuller, firmer and higher. They often recall that they considered their breasts to be a real asset to their confidence and they ask if rejuvenation is possible. It is not possible to regain completely their younger breasts but very substantial improvement can be achieved. The amount of lifting that is possible with implants alone, thus avoiding the extra scarring associated with a breast lift, can be simulated by placing you hands on top of your head as shown here.

Specific, sophisticated surgical planning and technique are needed to maximise the lifting effect of implants and not create a “bolt on” appearance. The tissue at the top of this patient’s breasts is thinned out and more depth of tissue is needed to disguise the top edge of the implant. Placing the implant behind the muscle would not fill the sagging lower part of the breasts and therefore would not adequately lift them. The Fleming dual plane technique covers just the top of the implants with muscle smoothing the contour and allows full filling of the lower part of the breasts.

* Unless otherwise stated, these patients have only undergone breast augmentation surgery