Patient 7

Mildly tubular breasts avoiding a big gap – 370cc, shaped, P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants behind the muscles

Widely spaced nipples and mildly tubular (small footprint on the chest wall and pointy) breasts. Without an accurate assessment at the initial consultation augmentation could have resulted in a big gap, overly pointy breasts and even a double fold. This is why it is important to ensure your surgeon is experienced in the use of all shapes of implants and does not just use round implants. Here a medium profile shaped implant, wider than it is tall, selectively reduced the gap while minimising the risk of double folds and not exacerbating the pointiness of the patient’s already pointy breasts. Polyurethane dramatically reduces the risk of rotation which commonly occurs with textured implants.

NB: We cannot tell you that augmentation with us will slim and tone your body as has occurred here – that still requires diet and exercise!

* Unless otherwise stated, these patients have only undergone breast augmentation surgery