Please read this before you look at the pictures….

You need to be careful when viewing the before and after images on breast augmentation websites. Many sites only display their good results in patients who had natural breasts that were easy to achieve a pleasing result. Patient number 11 in our own gallery is just such a patient! However, if we only used this type of patient it would be misleading, giving the impression that all patients should expect this kind of result.  Our gallery contains a range of different natural breasts, just like those of women seeking breast implant surgery, and so shows a range of different results. You probably will not like all of them but…

If you are going to be satisfied with your breast augmentation and your expectations met, it is crucial to understand that the single biggest factor influencing your result after implants is what your breasts look like before implants. An experienced surgeon, concerned about your best interests, will be able to provide images of the results of patients similar to you, to help you develop a better understanding of the range of outcomes that could be achieved.

Also, be sceptical about beautifully shot and lit, artistic before and after photographs. These can sometimes tell you more about the skills of the photographer than the surgeon. We use standard before and after photographs. Try to find a patient who has breasts similar to your own to get a realistic idea of type of result you could expect. Of course, you will not look exactly like any of the gallery patients and so your result will not be exactly the same as theirs. Also, your result will be influenced by your personalised operative plan, including the size, shape and positioning of your implants. At your consultation, Daniel will be able to give you a specific indication of your likely outcome.

Patient 1

Big gap becomes natural cleavage - 270cc low profile, shaped, P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants

Patient 2

Restoration and refilling after pregnancy - shaped, medium profile, 290cc P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants

Patient 3

Maximum lifting with implants alone - round, high profile, 300cc silicone gel implants

Patient 4

250cc, medium profile, shaped, polyurethane foam covered silicone gel implants

Patient 5

Believable, but only just!
330cc shaped P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants

Patient 6

Lifting and rejuvenation with implants alone - 380cc, round, high profile P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants, Fleming dual plane technique placement

Patient 7

Mildly tubular breasts avoiding a big gap - 370cc, shaped, P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants behind the muscles

Patient 8

Severe tubular breast deformity - 300cc extra high profile, shaped, P-URE foam, multiplane technique placement

Patient 9

A natural result with nipple shortening - 265cc, shaped, P-URE foam covered, silicone gel implants

Patient 10

Full, round D cup using teardrop (shaped) implants - 370cc, extra high profile, shaped, P-URE foam covered silicone gel implants

Patient 11

Enhancing not destroying great shaped breasts - 250cc, round, low profile, silicone gel implants, under the muscle

Patient 12

Making a statement - 325cc round, medium/high profile, silicone gel implants behind the muscle

Patient 13

Fake look desired – in front v behind the muscle

Patient 14

"Bottoming out" corrected with P-URE foam implants

More possibilities

A further range of type of result Dr Fleming achieves for his patients

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